Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the world

Sardinia boasts numerous fascinating characteristics and even its typical Mediterranean nature hides a richness and variety. It is the perfect choice for holiday-makers who seek more than just its splendid beaches and crystal clear waters and, instead, wish to discover the numerous other treasures it offers. The Sardinian landscape is, in fact, typically mountainous and this makes it perfect for unique experiences such as cycling, trekking and speleology expeditions, as well as horse-riding.

Visitors to Sardinia are, therefore, seduced by the island for numerous reasons, but the undisputed sovereign is without doubt its surrounding sea and the coasts. This spectacular environment offers enchanting attractions and breath-taking panoramas which go beyond a typical beach holiday. The almost two thousand kilometres of coastline are a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, scuba divers and surfers, while nature lovers can enjoy beautiful, unspoilt environments, which are, however, jealously protected.

One of these such areas is the Marine Park of the Maddalena (in the North), where an entire beach, “spiaggia rosa”, has been made inaccessible to preserve its unique pink sand. Just like the whole island, the sea and the beaches of Sardinia too are characterised by their incredible variety. Visitors will find themselves passing from the wild environment of the Asinara to the elegant, exclusive resorts of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, from the sand dunes of Piscinas and the long sandy beaches in Badesi and Bari Sardo to the red rocks of Arbatax, from the Bue Marino grottoes of the Orosei Gulf to the animated tourist harbour of Villasimius.

Choosing a holiday in Sardinia means choosing a destination which will reward visitors with a vast selection of itineraries and possibilities, each one unique and each one promising an unforgettable experience. It goes beyond a relaxing beach holiday and offers something for everyone, from spectacular natural panoramas to delicious local cuisine, from fascinating ancient history to the most varied sporting activities. The island, in fact, is for many reasons a marvellous assortment of contrasts, but never has so much diversity been expressed in so many varieties of beauty, harmoniously existing side by side. In some parts of the island the landscape is so barren that it appears almost lunar, with great expanses of wild, hostile terrain

In Sardinia you’ll get to kite the blue waters and get up close with nature… you will be in paradise!