For windsurfing and kitesurfing, especially for beginners, very specific and opposite conditions are necessary.

For windsurfing beginners it is necessary to have flat water conditions and during the very first time the wind speed must be very low. As the student becomes expert and reaches greater balance skills, it is necessary to practice with stronger winds and consequently also with higher waves. It is very important that the seabed is deep so that the waves do not break at different points in the sea but only on the shore. In this way the waves are easier to deal with and it is much easier to balance on the windsurfing board.

Furthermore, the deep seabed makes the sea safer as there are no currents which instead characterize shallower seabeds. As far as kitesurfing is concerned, it is necessary at any level (beginner and advanced) to have a minimum wind speed of at least 12-15 knots, in order to fly the kite with which it is then possible to get dragged into the water and practice this sport.

To practice Kitesurfing it is necessary to have large spaces or long and wide beaches as the kite lines are about twenty meters long. Even for kitesurfing it is necessary, especially for beginners, that the water does not have waves that are too high and that not break in many points in the sea but only on the shore, a condition that can only be achieved if the seabed is deep.

Sardinia is the windiest island in the western Mediterranean, in particular the winds (Mistral, Grecale, Scirocco, Libeccio, Ponente, Tramontana, Levante, Ostro) are more frequent in the spring, autumn and winter periods. In July and August, during the summer season, in particular when the summers are very hot, those winds are less frequent, some of them such as the scirocco prevail, and in some areas very constant thermal winds are generated in the afternoon with add speeds around 15 knots.

The peculiarity that makes the Planargia beach of Bari Sardo in Sardinia special and ideal for the practice of water sports and in particular for windsurfing beginners is that in summer in the morning the water is flat without waves and there is a light sea breeze (thermal wind) which starts light in the morning and increases towards midday. Furthermore, even more importantly, the 6-7 km of beach are almost empty even in high season.

Unique features that make this beach a paradise not only for those who practice water sports but also for those who want to enjoy a holiday away from the August crowds. In the afternoon the thermal wind increases to speeds around 10-15 knots (possibly higher depending on the presence of a sirocco component), ideal for experienced windsurfers to practice and also for the practice of kitesurfing. The presence of the entrance corridor for kitesurfing and windsurfing (kitezone) at our school at the Camping l’Ultima Spiaggia allows you to practice those watersports in complete safety.

The very wide and long sandy beach (about 6-7 km) and the deep and sandy seabed is ideal for practicing kitesurfing and windsurfing in safety.