To fly a kite and use it as an engine to be pulled and ride, we need much space, like a field or a frozen lake and a little wind.In winter, for example, we can use a snow-covered field, frozen lake or a flat valley floor. In winter, most people concentrate on the ski lifts or cable cars at the ski areas; That’s why snowkite spots are away from the crowds and in contact with nature.

Where can we find the right places (spots) for snowkiting?

There are many “spots” where environmental and wind conditions are ideal for snowkiteing, and since some years there is a website that also provides weather forecasts for all known snowkite spots. The website is „ „ and is developed from Swiss kitesurfer The Snowkite spots that have been known for decades are: the Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland (St. Moritz), the Bianco Lake on the Bernina, the Tonale Pass, the Reschensee in Sout Tirol, La Tuille in the Aosta Valley and many others in the Dolomites. 

The best way to explore new snowkite spot is to go in some place where there is a school, so that you can snowkite safely and learn all infos about the spot.