What is snowkiting?

We should not be impressed by the videos or the images that can be seen on the Internet, when kiters jump meters high or go up on mountains in the fresh snow. All this is certainly possible, but it is the extreme side of this sport. A bit like skiing: on the web we see freestyle jumps and extreme downhill runs in the fresh snow, but skiing is not only that!

Is Snowkiting ideal for any age group?

Snowkiting is ideal for everyone, including children, as it involves less risks than skiing and requires little technical skiing skills.
We need a flat snow surface like a frozen lake or a field, a bit of wind (less than for kitesurfing in summer), a kite and skis (or snowboard).

On skis it is much easier to learn than on snowboard. With skis we are much more mobile and flexxible in our movements.

How much time does it take to learn snowkiting?

First step: we have to learn to control the kite! As soon as we control the kite we put on our skis and we are ready to ride!

We are pulled by a kite on the snow, and we will slide feeling wonderful emotions in contact with the mountain nature . We can park the kite at any time and take a break. If we have any problems we can pack up the kite and walk back!

Injuries are unlikely, the skis are only used to slide on the snow … We are far away from the crowded ski slopes! Sowe have no risk of collision! And falling in the soft powder snow is really a bad feeling.

Snowkiting is an easy to learn sport with few risks, makes us feel free and in contact with the wonderful winter nature.