The well-known winter activities are undoubtedly alpine skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing and ski touring for those who prefer to escape the crowd and discover nature freeriding in powder snow.

There is a sport that can fulfill all these requirements at the same time: snowkiting

It is a sport that has been discovered since the 90s. It consists in the use of a kite, with which the wind (also few knots) can be used to move on the snow.

The kite and the wind are the motor to move on snowy fields, lakes and mountains, with skis or snowboards.

First of all, you have to learn to handle the kite so that it can pull us to where we want to go. On average, you learn to fly the kite and ride in the snow in a day!

Fun is guaranteed!

Where can you do this sport?

Where there is a snow-covered area free of lifts and ski slopes.

It’s easier to learn on a flat surface, but you can use the kite for touring and mountain climbing.

Some people use the kite to reach high altitudes from where they can do free ride in powder snow without having to climb up the mountain with tour skis, helicopters or snowmobiles.

The kite replaces the ski lift and takes us to areas that are far from the crowd.

With the snowkite you can experience the mountains in winter from another perspective!