Snow wing with skis or snowboard is very easy to learn, it only takes a few hours, does not present dangers and therefore is suitable for all ages. Thanks to the collaboration with the Windsurf school of Silvaplana, one of the most important Wing foil ceters in Switzerland in Summer, we have the best wing brands on the market.

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(+41) 78 975 88 05

SPORTS PARADISE, via Chantunela 1, 7513 Silvaplana – SWITZERLAND

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Risk and Liability

    1. Every participant is obliged to follow the instructions of the Snowkiting-instructor.
    2. It is mandatory to wear a helmet during the lessons.
    3. If the lesson, or part of the lesson can not be done for wind condition, the participant will have a voucher of the amount of the lost hours. We can not reimburse by cash.
    4. Every participant is liable for his/her actions. To cover liability in borderline cases, the participant has to contract an insurance through the school.
    5. In case of an accident your general liability insurance will cover the damage and loss.
    6. If the participant breaks school-equipment on purpose, he/she will bear the damage.
    7. The lessons have to be paid at least one week in advance with the attached paying-in-slip or cash, with EC-card/Postcard at the first day of the course. Credit cards are not acceptable.
    8. Depending on wind and weather conditions, the lesson time can be changed.
    9. Cancellations must be communicated at least one week before the booked date. Otherwise we have to charge 30% of the price to cover our expenses. Cancellations less than 24h before the course are not accepted and the full costs have to be paid.
    10. In case of accidents, the Sports Paradise GmbH refuses any liability.
    11. This agreement is exclusively governed by Swiss law, in particular the Swiss Code of Obligations. The court in St Moritz.
    12. The student explicitly confirms and confirms that he/she is in agreement with the content of this agreement and that this is not subject to error, deception and/or fear

At the beginning of the courses the students will sign this text:

Kitesurfing is a sport with special claims on my body’s constitution. I undertake the full risk for my participation at this course.
I declare that I am healthy and that I don’t have any injuries, which exclude an education in Kitesurfing.
I carefully read the safety-rules and I accept the terms of business above.