Join us for that extra fitness boost. In the evenings we offer fun Zumba, B-pump, Tae-Bo and Functional Training classes at our gym.
You can also ask for a Personal Trainer!

Enrico’s Fun, Fitness & Dance Studio / Via Maistra – 7502 Bever, St. Moritz


a fitness lesson that combines aerobic movements with footsteps of various types of dancing, is a kind of dance-fitness suitable for a very wide target. It was born in the nineties and has been getting more and more successful because it is a fun discipline that brings various benefits to the body and mind: a new and fun way to tone muscles and train.


a discipline that mixes music and box and tae kwon do movements: a true total body workout.
Aerobics, kickboxing, step, martial arts, accompanied by music: an explosive and dynamic aerobics, a great way to relieve stress and an effective training.


a group workout that combines aerobic exercise and exercise with weights.
Of New Zealand origin, includes the use of weights (with handles for free body use), a step and a balance.
It is an activity for all ages, a full-body, effective and fun training, accompanied by music.


a training designed to improve the physical performance of our body both in sports and in everyday life. Exercises are held to develop a strong and harmonious body, with pathways that approach as far as possible the basic functions for which it was born, to what the human body does by nature. It increase strength, speed, stamina, joint mobility and coordination skills.

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