The coast of Bari Sardo extends for about 10 km, and has obtained the Blue Flag several times.
Along it you can find various services to support bathing, dining options and local beaches that animate the night life, although it is easy to find uncrowded beaches to enjoy days in total relaxation.

The beach of Planargia is wide and sandy and is more than 3 kilometers long, bordered by a pinewood and spectacular stretches of Mediterranean scrub. It extends between Bari Sardo and Cardedu in the middle of the eastern coast of Sardinia; The Pelau River and the Riu Bau Eni flow along the beach.

You can breathe a relaxing and solitary atmosphere, with evocative views, crystal clear sea, and various kinds of seabeds: from stretches of fine golden sand to small pebbles.

The spot of Bari Sardo is ideal for surfers and kiters and and also for those who love windsurfing and SUP.
Excellent conditions are with the Grecale, Levante and Scirocco

From May to October, with the high pressure a thermal wind takes place, which lasts between 4 and 7 hours with an intensity ranging from 14 to 22-25 knots and blows from the south east.

Ideal for beginner, because the wind always blows with side on shore direction and the beach is more than 3 kilometers long.

Bari Sardo beach