FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: functional gymnastics on the beach Planargia of Bari Sardo – Sardinia

Crystalline sea, breeze, sun, beach … training on the beach is a way to keep fit even during the holidays, without too many sacrifices.
You can take care of your body and relax your muscles breathing the air that Sardinian summer offers, surrounded by a splendid landscape that will give you a feeling of no-stress during the training!

On the beach of Bari Sardo you can do an EASY, FAST AND FUNNY TRAINING that will revolutionize your health and your athletic performance becoming a way of life. Functional gymnastics allows you to do a total body workout for immediate physical well-being.

Ideal for athletes who want to keep fit even on vacation and for those who want to rediscover their psychophysical well-being in a calm and relaxing environment. We will have fun together!

The workouts are adapted to the training level of the participants

Planargia sea
functional training on beach bari sardo

For more information and booking:

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(+41) 78 975 88 05

SPORTS PARADISE, Planargia beach, Bari Sardo (OG) – SARDINIA

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