About us

Our team consists ofVDWS international
kitesurf and windsurf instructors. We have in common, in addition to the passion for sports on water and snow (kitesurf, windsurf and snowkite), the passion for teaching.

Both I (Maddalena) and Sara – with whom I started this teaching activity – are originally researchers: me in the biophysical field and she in the statistical field. Already at the time of university one of our tasks was teaching, as well as research … this passion more than others has led us to realize the idea of a school.

The philosophy of the Sports Paradise GmbH school is to bring as many people as possible to these sports on water and snow, which are often unjustifiably considered inaccessible or difficult.
We are in a position contrary to this widespread perception of high difficulty: we believe that these sports are particularly accessible to all – regardless of age and preparation physical- and that, compared to other more common activities, allow to be practiced even for short periods (for example during the holidays), without the need for constant training.

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The emotions that are experienced doing outdoor activities, and in our case in particular in contact with nature – air, water or snow, wind – are regenerating psychophysically.
Our goal is to teach these sports to make them discover those who have never practiced them, especially to those who do not normally define themselves as sporty … we believe that for many people it will become a new and true passion, where everyone can enjoy moments of total freedom and well-being.
Kitesurfing, windsurfing, snowkiting – and all the other activities that we do at our schools – could make your weekends and holidays even more regenerating and enjoyable! Would like to create a family atmosphere and a friendly relationship, sharing the experiences and emotions experienced during the courses. We try to make sure that the school is also a meeting point where you can meet new people.

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kitesurf barisardo